Mercury Reader (D7)

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Display events and news feeds from Mercury (GT's shared content repository) on your Drupal 7 site as pages or blocks. See handbook for instructions.

Note well: version 2.3 contains major changes. Database changes as well as significant architectural changes to the module. I've tested the living daylights out of it, but you know how bugs are. Please report any odd behavior to me (Fletch) as soon as you notice anything.

If you need an older version of this module than those in the file list, let me know ( Though, I can't imagine why you would.

Update Recommendation: Now that Mercury has been moved into Drupal 7, we highly recommend you upgrade your Mercury Reader module to the latest version, as we will soon be building improvements into the Reader.


Migrated Repository from Drupal 6 to 7

The Communications team migrated our content repository ( from D6 to D7.




Mercury Reader 7.x-2.10, 2020-06-11

  • It takes some people three tries to get something right.

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.9, 2020-05-27

  • Followup from the last fix.

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.8, 2020-05-15

  • Fixed redirection following for AWS

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.6, 2016-01-22

  • Bugfix: remove debugging code

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.5, 2015-10-02

  • Bugfix: first option in the list of selected fields was not being properly honored.

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.4, 2015-05-06

  • Added a separate block feed template so that blocks don't get nuked by field settings in the main feed template.

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.3, 2015-04-23

  • Added field options to Mercury form, so display of Mercury items can be controlled without so much themery.
  • Moved templates into their own cozy directory, preparatory to cracking the module up into a bunch of parts.
  • Broke out cache, node, and block functions into separate files.
  • Massively refactored hgSerializedFeed.xsl to enhance maintainability; trimmed that mother from 3804 lines down to
      a svelte 1118.
  • Fixed bug which caused the reader to fixate on its cache after items have been deleted from Mercury.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Rolled in the theme changes from the GT subtheme, as well as some of my own devising.
  • Nobody found the easter egg. What gives?

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.2, 2015-01-12

  • Fixed theme_status_report notice.
  • Fixed an issue in which feed sort checkbox was receiving an erroneous default value on empty forms.
  • Fixed the ICS functionality, which oddly hadn't been updated since the D6 version, and anyway appeared to have been written by a madman.
  • Broke a bunch of functions out of the monolithic module file into an include.
  • Added paging to node-oriented feeds.
  • Added a special easter egg. Whoever finds it gets $50.

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.1, 2013-09-11

  • Added a check to prevent cache flush actions from spamming whole sites.
  • Mercury error reporting now respects site error reporting level, logging errors where appropriate.

Mercury Reader 7.x-2.0, 2012-12-06

  • Moved caching from Cache_lite to database.
  • Changed signatures of image and file function calls.
  • Documented API.
  • Isn't that enough?

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.17, 2012-11-09

  • Fixed error messages on empty feeds.
  • Fixed combined feed sorting bug.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.16, 2012-10-25

  • Removed cron hook for pathauto aliases. Thanks Derek.
  • New db schema to prevent feed overlaps between nodes and blocks.
  • Expanded test cases.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.15, 2012-10-18

  • Added parent field to node forms.
  • Fixed another pathauto integration bug.
  • Added uninstall routine so that hg_reader properly cleans up after itself.
  • Added test cases to the hg_reader module.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.14, 2012-10-08

  • Added parent field to block configuration form so that hg block items can properly be assigned a URL predicate.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.13, 2012-10-04

  • Fixed more issues with pathauto integration. For real.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.12, 2012-10-03

  • Fixed issue with pathauto integration in which updated sites ignored pathauto settings.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.11, 2012-09-24

  • Fixed a showstopping template bug.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.10, 2012-08-30

  • Added support for user-defined block classes and theme suggestions.
  • Item titles promoted to page titles.
  • Pathauto support added.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.9, 2012-07-25

  • Added support for multiple hg_feed templates (hg-feed--1.tpl.php, etc.).

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.8, 2012-06-26

  • Fixed template bug.

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.7, 2012-06-22

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.6, 2012-06-14

  • Fixed sidebar bugs

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.5, 2012-05-23

  • Clearing Drupal cache now clears Hg cache

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.4, 2012-05-18

  • Fixed caching bug
  • CSS tweaks
  • Corrected date formatting for news items
  • Corrected location display for news items

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.3, 2012-05-10

  • Fixed settings bug

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.1, 2012-04-30

  • Improved requirements checking
  • Support for update module
  • File support improvements

Mercury Reader 7.x-1.0, 2012-04-27

  • Initial release of D7 hg_reader module.