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This profile INSTALLS a pre-configured GT Drupal site, which uses the recommended Theme (version 7.x-2.x), Editor, and security settings for Drupal 7. It works best on OIT's web hosting, but can be tweaked slightly to work in other environments. FUTURE updates will likely be made to Drupal Express, instead.

WARNING: This install profile is deprecated in favor of a new approach, called Drupal Express.


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GT Profile 7.x-2.1, 2014-04-16

  • Add Block styles/classes from GT Theme.
  • Change Log (for database logging) to only archive 100 entries.
  • Enable views_bulk_operations module (required for admin_views to install properly).
  • Remove individual links from "My Links" (as they are added by GT Editor).
  • Remove subfolders (contrib & custom) for modules directory (author Mike A.)
  • Add ability to check release/update status.

GT Profile 7.x-2.0, 2014-01-02

  • Full version of this Profile.
  • Requires versions 2.2 of GT Theme & SubTheme, as well as version 2.0-rc1 of GT Editor.

GT Profile 7.x-2.0-rc2, 2013-12-31

  • Removed dependencies on GT Theme and GT SubTheme.
  • Requires versions 2.2 of GT Theme & SubTheme, as well as version 2.0-rc1 of GT Editor.

GT Profile 7.x-2.0-rc1, 2013-12-30

  • Added dependencies on GT Theme, GT SubTheme, GT Login and Admin Views.
  • Removed pathauto, as it can cause problems if migrating content from old sites.
  • Changed language for created pages to English, so that content will be translatable in a multilingual environment.
  • Replaced CAS configuration step with simple enabling of GT Login module.

GT Profile 7.x-2.0-beta1, 2013-11-15

  • To avoid people getting locked out of their sites after installation, now auto-creates a CAS user (gburdell1) with Super Administrator permissions.
  • so you don't need to change Advanced Options for database configuration if installing on OIT web hosting, now sets default database host to "mysql.localhost" and port to "3306".
  • Changed homepage to use "Horizontal Landing Page" type.
  • Auto-enables clean URLs.
  • Removed file system settings, as they are set in GT Editor.
  • Set default profile chosen on first page to "GT Profile".
  • Adds better comments to explain code.

GT Profile 7.x-2.0-alpha2, 2013-11-07

  • Changed file_temporary_path to non-root sites/default/files/tmp to reduce problems for installing in unique (but non-multi-site) locations.

GT Profile 7.x-2.0-alpha, 2013-09-30

  • Replaces GT Quick Start as the installation profile to use with GT Theme (7.x-2.0).
  • Removed Block settings for: Search, Utility menu, Main Menu.
  • Removed Zen theme.
  • Add gt_tools and its dependencies as modules to be enabled.