GT Installer

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This handy dandy little package will, with a few brief Composer commands, install a Drupal 8 site, complete with the GT Theme, GT Tools, and all of the necessary dependencies.

Note that it does require that Composer ( be installed on your system, and although it is relatively simple (compared to manually installing), you must be at least somewhat familiar with working at a command line.

Install process using GT Installer

  1. Download gt_installer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. At the command line, navigate to the gt_installer directory.
  4. Do `composer create-project --repository-url=packages.json --remove-vcs gt/gt_installer {path-to-your-project-directory}`
  5. Do `cd {path-to-your-project-directory}/web`
  6. Do `drush site-install --db-url=mysql://{username}:{password}@{database-host}/{database} --site-name="{Your Site Name}" --account-mail={}`

New, alternate process using (experimental)

Alternately, you can skip all these steps and run the enclosed script. Navigate to the installer directory, make sure is executable, and do `./`. The script will ask a series of questions and embark on the installation.


In the event that a new profile is released, you may need to do `composer clearcache` to pick up the changes.

Please report any issues with the installer at