GT Calendar

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Automatically create a Calendar table and an Events block for your site, which imports events from your Mercury calendar group. Instructions for this module are in the handbook. FUTURE updates will likely be made to the preferred Hg Reader module (or its companion).

WARNING: This is only provided as an example, and does not receive any centralized support.


GT Calendar 7.x-2.0-beta2, 2014-10-09

  • Do NOT update from 7.x-2.0-alpha1 or beta1, as these two versions are not compatible! (Especially in regards to the way images are handled by the Event content type).
  • Updated Event image (and the corresponding XPath) to use a single image field and a single hidden title field (for eventual template use as an alt tag), instead of using a link field (which could break older versions, so delete all imported events with previous versions, and then delete the event content type, too, before attempting to remove older versions and install this version).
  • Changed permissions for editing and deleting Event fields & calendar feed URLs.
  • Added:
    • Module dependencies on:
      • entity_token
      • token
    • Pathauto URL pattern for calendar feed URLs (feeds/calendar/[node:nid]) & for individual Events (calendar/day/[node:field-event-time:0:value:custom:Y]/[node:field-event-time:0:value:custom:m]/[node:field-event-time:0:value:custom:d]/[node:nid]), based on tip found at 
    • Code syntax to mirror best practices for latest versions of dependent modules.
  • Removed:
    • Module dependencies & code for:
      • feeds_tamper
      • date_all_day, date_popup, date_repeat_field (including repeating indicator on Time field)
      • fe_block (view will create a block without the need for a separate fe_block export)
    • Custom template for event image field (now using an image field type instead of trying to use a cached Mercury link)
    • Image styles (because could conflict, and should probably be set in GT Editor)
    • Pathauto URL pattern for GENERIC taxonomy terms
    • Menu links (since the Calendar link in main menu is created by its View, and instructions will explain how to add a Mercury calendar feed URL)
    • Image field from "Upcoming Events" block view (because no styling exists for it yet)

GT Calendar 7.x-2.0-beta1, 2014-06-24

  • Do NOT update from 7.x-2.0-alpha1, as these two versions are not compatible!
  • For clarity, removed "Mercury" from the name of this feature.
  • Standardized names of views, blocks, content types, roles, url paths, etc (made them singular and use the "gt_calendar").
  • Gave unique names to main feeds importer and feed source content type (so can later add mercury sources and importers for news to separate feature, and can even add more than one calendar feed to a site).
  • For more control over styling, added a template file (/theme/field--field-event-image-url--event.tpl.php) to style the images field in an Event (which is only a link), as well as some CSS (/theme/gt_calendar.css).
  • Added fields and XPath code to better match & import all the data exported from Mercury (including repeating dates as individual events, but with a shared, hidden field for their node id in Mercury, that could be used to connect them in the future).
  • Added a clone-able view of events that can be used as a Block (includes some helpful class IDs for easier styling).
  • Added new date formats and image styles.
  • Images and attachments are only LINKS to their Mercury media items, so don't duplicate content or fill up site directories.
  • Added a new user role for "GT Calendar Manager".
  • Add links to "My Links" menu for adding Feed URL (for events).
  • Added taxonomy vocabularies to capture event data for: audience, category, extras, keywords, and groups.
  • Changed modules on which this feature depends.
  • Updated field permissions so only Super Administrators can change the data in Events fields (as these should, instead, be changed in the central Mercury repository at
  • Events are now imported every hour, as a background and non-browser-dependent process.
  • Added ability to check release/update status.

GT Mercury Calendar 7.x-2.0-alpha1, 2013-11-07

  • Assumes you are using GT Profile and GT Editor (but does not require these modules, only their Text Formats and User Roles).
  • Has dependencies on these contributed modules:
    • Calendar
    • Chaos tools
    • Date (including: Date API, Date Views)
    • Features
    • Feeds (including Feeds Admin UI)
    • Feeds XPath Parser
    • Field Permissions
    • Fieldgroup
    • Job Scheduler
    • Strongarm
    • Views (including Views UI)